Open House!!!

Are you responsible for young people just like Jamie?

“Hi, I’m Jamie, I’m 19 and suffer with anxiety and autism. I joined Green Corridor because I wanted to get into work but didn’t know where to start. I’ve been here for 2 years and they’ve really helped me with my confidence and learning all about plants. I now have a full-time job working with plants in Homebase. I’m really pleased I went to Green Corridor, they’ve helped me loads.”

We are holding series of Open House days for young people like Jamie, their parents/carers and teachers to come and experience first hand our expanding growing space. You will be able to talk to our qualified and experienced tutors to find out about the programmes we offer young people who are transitioning from school/college, aged 16-19+ with special educational needs.

Our education charity specialises in supporting young people within the West London area and surrounding counties who have a variety of additional needs.  We offer structured, accredited programmes in horticulture as well as access to Functional Skills courses. From September 2017 we will also be looking to offer courses in hospitality and catering. For more information please visit our website

Our site will be open from 4pm–7pm on the 29th May to the 1st June and from 4pm-7pm on the 5th June to the 8th June (please see enclosed leaflets). Please pass this information onto any students and parents/carers who you think would be interested in booking a 30-minute appointment with us during these hours so they can discover more about our personalised programmes.


To book a personal 30 minute appointment

Call: 01753 687236, Email: