Our Impact

Turning Interest Into Action

Green Corridor is set up to support young people aged 16-25 who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) and hold an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). We do this, not only through tutoring them through a vocational qualification, but also through emotional & wellbeing, support into employment and our Enrichment Programme. 

Here at Green Corridor, we recognise the employment gap for those who have SEN. According to Andrew Powell from the House of Commons Library, in July - September 2019, the unemployment rate for people with a disability was 6.7% compared with a significant difference to 3.7% of which are unemployed people who do not have a disability.


Positive Statistics

Bringing Change



34% of our alumni have gone into a supported internship, 22% into part time employment, 22% to adult social care support whilst accessing community activities and 22% have continued into further education courses. 


In academic year 2020-21, we supported 35 young people who hold EHCP's through their Horticulture and Home Cooking Skills qualifications.

Community Outreach

In 2021, we ran online community groups for basic home cooking and reached over 373 attendees. Through the BIG Lottery Fund last year, we were able to send supermarket vouchers for people to provide their food.