Update on our Support

Update on our Support

We are aware that some annual reviews have been delayed due to Covid-19 so transition choices may not have been made yet for young people. We still have a few places available on our Horticulture courses for September 2020 (we may also have 1 place left on our Catering course) and we are open and able to offers tours following social distancing or virtual tours on Zoom. We are currently providing education as normal for our young people due to our small group sizes and open plan spaces.

We are also providing some summer placements for any young people with EHCPs who may have suffered the most during lockdown in terms of curriculum recovery, confidence etc. even if the young people in question don’t then enrol with us in September so please do give a call to discuss further if this is of interest.

We have also just been awarded the prestigious “Leaders in Safeguarding” quality standard so I do hope you will consider us both a value for money and high quality destination for any young people in your borough with an EHCP aged 16-25 wishing to learn life skills, vocational skills and catering and horticulture vocational skills with 80% onward employability.

Contact us now to refer or for further information, you can read more about our offer in our prospectus.


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Alfie’s Story


Alfie’s Story


Before Green Corridor, Alfie struggled in mainstream school. He had really low attendance which was less than 50%. Alfie had no future plans or aspirations, no support network including and didn’t obtain an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). We took Alfie on as learner to complete a Level 1 Practical Horticulture Skills course with us in 2016. Since joining Green Corridor, Alfie has gained great confidence, has stronger social and communication skills and is able to deal with challenging experiences better. He has spent his time working and learning in our plots, he has represented Green Corridor at career fairs and has a strong group of friends. Alfie now has landed a job as a care worker at Voyage Care working with adults with learning difficulties.


“Green Corridor is a place where I have developed the most as a person, I am glad I have come here and have met the most amazing people.”


“Dig, Plant, Grow” Update

The ever-expanding Green Corridor “Dig, Plant, Grow” team now has 12 learners, all dedicated and passionate about practical horticulture with our great tutors Mark and Collin. The group is a mixed gender, age and ability group that supports and welcomes all learners with a whole range of disabilities and challenges.

Summer harvest is nearly over and our Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 are now well into their practical horticultural qualifications. Each week the team is on-site learning new skills in our plots such as pruning, planting in drills and potting up for the winter. They are also helping the DHL Community team with the “Fruitful Futures” project, building raised beds out of recycled material, constructing a net cover and planting the dwarf fruit trees. You can find out more about the DHL Community fund and the project here.

On a Tuesday, the team are off-site on a work experience placement. Here they can experience the types of work done by private gardeners in homes all around the country. The skills learnt here are very different to those learnt in our plots so this is a great chance to add to their ever-expanding portfolio. Currently the team are clearing back overgrown shrubs, clearing rubble and laying turf. The team are loving the experience so a big thank you to the lovely garden owners who are letting our learners transform their gardens!

The team are off-site again on a Thursday, this time jumping in the van and heading over to Headstone Manor Park, Harrow. Here the team are volunteering their time and gaining new experiences at the same time. In Harrow, they are clearing the pathways, stripping out the hedgerows between the park and the nursery and pruning back some trees ready for the Winter. This is hard work but they are doing a fantastic job so feel free to say “Hi” if you’re in the park on a Thursday.

Watch our new video to find out more about the programmes at Green Corridor.


If you want to join the “Dig, Plant, Grow” team and gain a practical horticulture qualification at the same time please contact Jo at joanne@greencorridor.org.uk or on 01753 687236.