If you are aged 16 to 25, and you are not in Employment, Education and/or Training and your looking for employment, then our courses could be for you!.  As a charity, we provide structured accredited courses in Hospitality and Catering, in small focused groups and with a one to one mentor. You will become more employable with us, alongside gaining either a Level 1 or Level 2 Award in Home Cooking Skills, you will build your confidence, communication skills and understanding of the working world.

We Offer:

BTEC Level 1 Award in Home Cooking Skills

BTEC Level 2 Award in Home Cooking Skills

Our course are:

  • Nationally recognised courses
  • Hands on practical experience
  • From 2 Days a week
  • Not classroom based

Below are some thoughts of some of our previous learners who have completed the course themselves:

Marie: “I feel like I’ve learnt something new, everyone is so friendly and I am keen to learn more.  I have never had a job or training before I came to Green Corridor, and I am now determined to get a job in a restaurant because I love learning about different foods and I can use them

Anita: “Green Corridor is more relaxed than other schools and colleges.  I felt I was listened to, the people were welcoming and easy to talk to, both staff and learners. I came into Green Corridor with the goal of learning how to cook different dishes, and now I want to cook more at home. I would like to work in the industry in the future.

Ali: “I enjoyed learning at Green Corridor because I loved cooking different food, the people are nice and my favourite part was learning how to cook bread – it tastes the best! I want to do their Horticulture Course next, and in the future would love a job in Baking.

To enquire about our courses, please contact:


Main Office: 01753 687 236

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