International Youth Day

International Youth Day was created by the United Nations and first celebrated in 1998. The event is now marked on 12 August each year, the day aims to celebrate the contribution youths make to society.

Young people have led the world in encouraging recycling and green lifestyles and the use of new technology like mobile phones, ipods and social networking sites like Facebook.

Each year a theme is selected for the day and you can keep checking back on the International Youth Day website for more information. And, what’s more a commemoration of the day is held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Youths across the world are encouraged to send a description of any planned activities to and a selection of the most creative events are featured on the UN website to give a flavour of what is happening across the world to celebrate this special day.

There will be a huge range of events taking place across the world! There will be photography exhibits and competitions at the UN headquarters in New York showing how our world youth experience economic, environmental and social life. There will also be a showcase of youth talent, showing how young people think these problems should be tackled.

If you fancy organising your own event, planning a youth performance or lobbying Government about the World Programme of Action For Youth. Lots more information about how you can get involved can be found at the United Nations website.

So … get involved and have a say in your future!