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Learner Journeys

These are our most recent alumni learners who have recently finished their education with us and gone into further sustainable employment or training.



Adam was at Green Corridor for a little over 2 years completing his qualification in practical Horticulture Skills. We saw such great improvements in Adam throughout his time with us, he blossomed in confidence and independence. Alongside his courses, he participated in a variety of the activities within our Enrichment programme and took a real liking to cooking, he really enjoyed himself and took with him skills he'll now have for life. 
Adam achieved his Level 1 certificate in Practical Horticulture Skills and we are continuing to support him through our Aftercare Programme.



Stephen was referred to us through Hounslow 14-19 careers service after being out of education or training for some time. Stephen had been to colleges before to complete a qualification in horticulture but found the bigger settings just didn’t give him the tailored support he needed.
Stephen has been at Green Corridor for a little over 2 years and has completed both a Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticultural skills, Entry 3 in English and Maths and he has competency certificates in a range of different power tools. He has been through some difficult times at home, but he is more capable than ever. He now has a great understanding of the world around him and his own abilities. 
“In June 2019, Mitie employed Stephen on a full-time basis after he finished his education at Green Corridor.  Stephen is autistic but has greatly impressed us showing an incredible amount of enthusiasm taking on this role.
Over the last 2 months he has really grown and displays great attributes within the role.  He even came with us on our yearly picnic to Bournemouth at the weekend and he is enjoying being part of the team!
Stephen is the best person to be working for us at Green Corridor with his caring nature and understanding of the other students there.  He is open and honest which is great for us to be able to make changes when required and he follows the tasks in hand well.
Stephen is now part of our team and he should be very proud of himself.” – Stephens Manager at Mitie

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