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Development Projects


New Teaching Space

We are so excited to say that we will be welcoming a large number of young people who are enrolling onto our courses in September 2020! However, this means that we are having make a few adjustments to our learning and development centre to ensure we can accommodate for all and make we are adhering to social distancing guidelines. 

Over half term, we have started to create space for our new portacabin classrooms and outdoor seating areas. We have also created a new rest space for all our visitors and learners. 

GSK Volunteer Day

We were delighted to welcome GSK to our learning and development centre at Green Corridor to spend a day with our team painting, creating bird boxes and cooking up jams and chutneys. GSK came along in their Orange Day shirts, eager to get involved and offer a helping hand wherever they could.
The day involved working on various of our different projects, we have recently invested in buying a new area for our learners to have their one to one sessions with our Youth Manager. This gave our volunteers plenty to get stuck into including painting the outside and decorations!

Our Projects: Get Involved

Dig, Plant, Grow Update

The ever-expanding Green Corridor “Dig, Plant, Grow” team now has 12 learners, all dedicated and passionate about practical horticulture with our great tutors Mark and Collin. The group is a mixed gender, age and ability group that supports and welcomes all learners with a whole range of disabilities and challenges.

Summer harvest is nearly over and our Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 are now well into their practical horticultural qualifications. Each week the team is on-site learning new skills in our plots such as pruning, planting in drills and potting up for the winter. They are also helping the DHL Community team with the “Fruitful Futures” project, building raised beds out of recycled material, constructing a net cover and planting the dwarf fruit trees. You can find out more about the DHL Community fund and the project here.

Growing Mint in Thin Air

We are always seeking innovative ways to enrich the learning experience for our young people with special educational needs and learning differences.  Currently all our teaching relies on traditional soil based horticulture so we are delighted that the Heathrow Community Fund, with match funding support from Heathrow Airport Ltd, has generously awarded us a grant to set up a new state-of-the-art vertical soilless growing system at our learning and Development Centre.
Our young people will plant out each tower with 15 mint plugs that will be grown under special lights in heated environment. The plants will fed by a delivery system that sprays the plant roots with a special mix so that they get the correct quantities of nutrients and water and they also get good oxygen circulation and absorption to aid fast, healthy growth.


Contact us today and start getting involved.

Our Projects: Get Involved
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