Under the watchful eye of Michael Green (Supervisor) and his team from Heathrow Engineering workshop Connor Hayter a trainee worked on a project which involved recycling used Terminal 1 roller beds and converting them into work benches for our polytunnel which forms part of our Native Species Nursery.

Below is his narrative along with photos, which detail this innovative processes.

“I collected all the necessary PPE and tools required.

I first started by removing all the rollers.

Once all the rollers were removed, the frame had to be extended, therefore I had to cut the frame into two.

Using an off cut of another frame, the two frames were welded together to get the desired length.

To support the extra weight of the table, two extra legs are welded on.

Now the frame for the table is complete, I begin by cutting down a sheet of galvanised steel.

Once the sheet was cut, I deburred the edges using a deburing tool.

After the sheets were prepared, I with the aid of my colleagues was able to create the bends required.

Having successfully bent the table, I was able to slide it onto the frame of the table.

Once the table top was on, we began to create the edging for the table.

We cut down two strips of galvanised steel and cut the edges.

I then deburred the edges and marked up the bending points and cut a slit to allow for bending.

After the marks were made, I was able to start bending, ensuring when I was bending, that it was accurate by making sure the sheet was parallel to the machine and making sure the bends was at 90˚.

The first bend is to allow the edging to slide in between the table top and the edge frame.

The next bend is the one that brings the edging around the edge of the table

Once the bending was done, I was able to put the edging onto the table using pop rivets.

I did this by drilling holes and using a pneumatic pop rivet gun.

After the backing was riveted, I was able to place the rubber edging on.”

We are very grateful for all the hard work that went into making these wonderful workbenches which are proving to be an invaluable resource to Green Corridor.

Thank you very much from all of us at Green Corridor.

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