Anita’s Story

(15th August 2019)

Before Green Corridor

Before coming to Green Corridor, Anita had previously been accessing mainstream school, but always struggled due to her learning difficulties. She was accessing a special needs school but started to lose confidence that she was going to get a job.

While at Green Corridor

Anita was referred to the course by a support worker at her local Mencap charity and joined the 12-week Basic Cooking Skills programme (BIG Lottery) in January 2018. She loves learning and really wanted to get a job but was struggling because of her low confidence and had previously not had any success following on from other employment programmes.

While with Green Corridor Anita’s confidence grew exponentially, as did her cooking skills. She started the course wanting to learn about cooking to build her independence skills,but left with a passion for cooking. Alongside her Level 1 in Basic Cookery Skills, she completed a Level 1 Food and Safety course and often presented her creations to the corporate groups. Her attendance on the course was above 90%  and she was able to understand the importance of telling staff if she was ill and it was always lovely to see her beaming smile around the site, even being awarded the “Most Improved Catering Learner” award at our summer awards ceremony.

After Green Corridor

Since leaving Green Corridor Anita has attended several interviews in both catering and working with animals (her initial passion) and is now working in a school café/tuck shop as a Premises Services Team Member where she is making fresh sandwiches daily and helping to keep the café running.

She is doing fantastically, and with a little bit of extra support from Green Corridor she has managed to adapt her processes so that she is quicker and even more able.

“I love it here, my favourite thing is talking and serving customers. Everyone is very nice! I love this job, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

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