On 16/03/2016 at Green Corridor’s Learning and Development Centre we were joined by some very enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers from the Heathrow division of Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG).

The group was also joined by two of our young people Rory and George who greatly benifitted by working alongside such a great bunch of volunteers.

Our order of the day was to build a dead hedge along an open area at the back of our property to dissuade any passers-by from wandering onto site. The main reason being that in the near future we will be having some bee hives donated to us and we wish for them to remain undisturbed.

Not only did our volunteers deliver but they did so in good humour and at such speed that we managed to complete another section of dead hedge further round the property.

Following a short lunch break the group asked if they could have a go at making some bird boxes. They decided to divide into two smaller groups and successfully constructed four bird boxes which we hope will be used by blue tits, robins and pied wagtails.

Our young people integrated very well with the team from ASIG and a good time was had by all involved.

Our thanks go out to the team, without whom this project could not have been achieved in nearly so timely a fashion.

We are looking forward to working with another team from ASIG later in the year.

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