The team from ASIG joined us at Hasmead on the morning of 25 May for a day of extremely productive site development.

Our six high-energy visitors worked in teams to produce a fantastic long planter box for our peas and future climbing crops in a previously unloved corner of our Learning & Development Centre.

Having cleared weedy vegetation and laid down mulch, this tidy new growing area will add a substantial amount of sweetness to our pea harvest later this year.

Working alongside our volunteers were three of our young people George, Reece and Rory.

Meanwhile, others slashed tirelessly through bramble and nettle thickets to clear and maintain an improved footpath to our newly donated honeybee hives which now beautifully meanders through our woodland wildlife garden area. Running to and fro with barrows of wood mulch to line the way, these helpers have ensured the path will remain weed-free and useable for the whole season .

This will allow visitors a hazard-free glimpse at the hives, while giving us easy access for planting new nectar-rich wildflowers to keep them happy and healthy. At the end of the day, there were many valuable improvements to admire”

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