Courtesy of Heathrow Airports Limited two new beehives and bee colonies have been introduced to Green Corridor.

The bees are Carniolan honey bees (Apis mellifera carnica) a sub species of the western honey bee.

They are adept at defending themselves against insect pests and yet incredibly gentle towards beekeepers, so are well suited to being kept in populated areas.

The colonies build up early in the year, sometimes catching beekeepers off-guard, the colonies are also very good at quickly adjusting their worker population subject to nectar availability.

Carniolans, ‘carnies’ are sparse with food stores, meaning they can produce large quantities of honey and pollen during nectar flows.

In addition carnies are very hard working, they forage earlier in the morning and later in the evening, on cool and wet days. Not all species like to work on wet days.Despite working hard, the workers also live longer than other breeds.

Whilst characteristics of other sub species are better suited in some situations, in balance, carnies are an excellent choice for Green Corridor’s requirements.

We look forward to showing these gentle bees to students, as the season progresses

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