At our main site the GCL&D Centre work has begun on a number of tasks.

The two main ones being, firstly, make from scratch three raised beds where we plan to grow a selection of herbs and salad plants, and, secondly to temporarily fix the holes where our two resident squirrels have managed to gain access into the roof space of the Learning Centre!

We are very fortunate that Heathrow are arranging for some volunteers from MITIE to come over and permanently fix the holes!

The photos below show the learners and our staff from the Monday Group working very hard making the raised beds whilst the Wednesday Group, which includes a group from the residents of Community Access, Hounslow had the laborious task of moving the compost to the beds. Thank you to HAL and JSA who kindly donated and delivered the compost to our site.

The photos on the bottom row show Rory and George working to fill the holes in the roof area alongside two of our newly appointed staff Collin (Project Delivery Manager) and Sean (Delivery Support).

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