We are extremely proud to show you some pictures of the vegetables and plants that our  talented group of young people are growing at our main site – GCL&DC.

The range includes a huge croup of both white and purple potatoes, cabbages, beetroot, lettuce, peas, courgettes, squash, and tomatoes to name just a few along with barrow loads of weeds!!!

We have had a bit of a problem with the pigeons attacking our croups earlier in the year hence the addition of two scarecrows which fingers crossed seem to be helping with this issue.

Unfortunately we now have to tackle the seemingly ever-growing population of slugs and snails, which have appeared overnight with all the recent rainfall!!

Our learners are now benefitting from being able to use the produce, and have especially enjoyed eating the strawberries!

We also handed some of it out to attendees at our recent Open Evening, and, this weekend we plan to take a selection to display at the HAL Family Fun Day, which is being held at Heathrow Airport.

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