Harune’s Story

(23rd September 2019)

Before Green Corridor

Harune has a diagnosis of both ADHD and mental health difficulties so has found it hard to find the right kind of support as he has transitioned into adulthood. He had been to several colleges completing both long and short-term courses, but had been out of work or education for over a year before coming to us.

While at Green Corridor

Harune’s brother found the course through our close working with Heathrow and Harune jumped at the chance to get back into education. While at Green Corridor he has completed a Level 2 award in Practical Horticulture skills then transitioned onto our BIG Lottery programme to gain a Level 2 qualification in Home Cooking Skills and build on his independence skills. Alongside his formal qualifications Harune’s big achievement has been the increase in his self-confidence, appropriate communication skills and his ability to manage his emotions himself, rather than having to rely on others around him.

After Green Corridor

Now that Harune has completed his final assessment in Home cooking skills, creating a very tasty fish pie, he has enrolled on the Heathrow Academy Pre-Employment programme. The programme is a 2 week pre-employment programmeand job brokerage scheme to support Harune to become ‘Heathrow Ready,’ so that he can gain paid, part time employment within one of the many catering establishments around and within Heathrow.

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