On Thursday 25th March 2015 we had the pleasure of accommodating a group of Managers from the Holiday Inn, Heathrow on their volunteer day with Green Corridor at our Learning and Development Centre, Hasmead. Along with their wonderful enthusiasm came some sunny weather, which is always a bonus especially when working outside!!

This small group of nine volunteers worked incredibly hard clearing overgrown shrubs, tree stumps, brambles, nettles and all sorts of rubbish from the sunken garden. Alongside this they worked in teams of two using a two man saw to cut up some very large logs, a task which required teamwork and endurance!  

The whole team also got involved in some “dead hedging” so we were able to put to good use all the logs and garden waste that had been cleared on that day.

Holiday Inn is planning a further three volunteer days in 2015 with Green Corridor we have suggested that the area which they have cleared becomes a mini project for their volunteers and that they develop a plan of what they would like to create in the space.

On behalf of Green Corridor I would like to extend our thanks to such a great team of volunteers and their achievements. We are very much looking forward to the next volunteer day with Holiday Inn and seeing their creations!

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