We are very fortunate that most Mondays we are joined by a group of young volunteers from Heathrow who are currently working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

They are an enthusiastic group who work alongside our young learners in a variety of different tasks from preparing the small whips that are being grown and which will be soon transplanted to make a hedgerow nearby to our vegetable patch, to clearing the gutters, watering the beds, cutting the front lawn and finally helping prepare and cook some healthy beef burgers for lunch!

They offer encouragement and support to our learners and it is this interaction that is so beneficial to our young people.

The GC young people shown in these pictures include Chris who is doing a great job of cutting the front lawn whilst Kirsty is helping with the watering in the polytunnel.

Graham, Phillip and Dean are all working alongside Sean from our Delivery Support Team planting up fruit bushes and various vegetables in the allotment area. Whilst on the other hand George can be seen engrossed making his bug box!

Meanwhile Mujtaba is undergoing an assessment with Jonathan (Senior Project Manager) of plant identification as part of his qualification Level One Award in Practical Horticulture Skills.

Last but not least the two ”Kevins “ from Heathrow spent a couple of days repairing and replacing our doors which were badly damaged following the break-in last year and they very generously built us some much needed shelving for our kitchen.

Finally, We said goodbye to our lovely volunteer Laura Howles yesterday.

Laura has been with us every Tuesday for the last 7 months working alongside our Learners at our second site Manor Way, Southall. Laura is now moving on to full time employment with TCV in Southampton. We wish her the very best in her chosen career.

So as you can see things are pretty busy here at Green Corridor!

PS we have birds nesting at one of our sites Collin took a quick picture but we are not saying where they are as we don’t want them to be disturbed.

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