Guest Chef Neil

(19th June 2018)

On the 12th of June 2018, we were very lucky to have a restaurant chef from Heathrow come in to Green Corridor and show our catering learners how make chocolate fondants with decorative caramel.  Chef Neil was very friendly and interesting and gave a real insight to what desserts look like at restaurant standard.

Our learners loved how different it was to their normal day, and cannot wait to see Neil again, if we are lucky enough to have him back!

Having spent the day at the Green Corridor, I was overwhelmed by the impact the charity is making on the lives and life skills of vulnerable young people.

They help learners to develop new skills and unlock dreams in an environment that feels safe, secure and warm.

The lives of the learners might not have been what they planned but the project allows life to creep back in and provide a life where they can go on to appreciate the importance of friendships and the value of working as part of a community.

Well done to you and the team.

Kind regards Neil

“Many questions were asked by our learners, and Neil explained and answered at just the right level sparking further interest and more in depth questioning. In addition Neil demonstrated a classic dessert with some sugar work which enthralled our Learners. Having someone in the industry with a wealth of current industry knowledge enhances and enriches the learning for our youngsters, especially in the case of Neil who showed a great understanding of our leaners needs and pitched his presentation to suit  our learners particular learning differences.

Tracey Palmer-Hall, Catering Tutor


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