Graham and Ryan have joined us for the Summer 2015. They have decided that as part of their summer experience with GC that they would like to share their experiences using their own words with everyone through a project page on our website. We agreed that this was a brilliant idea. So each week Graham and Ryan will provide a short précis on how they are doing. We hope you enjoy reading what they have to say as much as we do.

July 8th – Graham “Today I did some pea planting and grass planting and feeding. I also worked with the new Learners and  we all did some weeding. I enjoy it because it is nice to work outside even with the bad weather. Also I get to see jets passing by!

22nd July – Graham ” Today I did some pruning and potato planting and compost and butterfly catching.

22nd July – Ryan ” What I did today was cut the bushes down.Then we watered the plants and also took the weed out of the pond. then we took the compost to the border (bed).

29th July – Ryan “We moved stones to the polytunnel to make a weed proof path. I enjoyed it so much.

29th July – Graham ” I helped move some stones and then directed Chris where to put them. Then worked with another group.

5th August – Ryan ” What I did today was took all the plants out of the compos and put them into the ground. Then also we started to make a floor in the polytonal. i had so much fun”

5th August – Graham ”  I helped put down some tiles in the polytunnel. I also marked some tools for the new group.

12th August – Ryan “We all moved the tables to the polytonal. Rescued the trees put them in bigger pots then also we tidied the tomato plants up”

12th August – Graham ” We were straightening tomato plants up and we rescued some trees. We listened and moved tables.”

More photos of 12 the August to follow shortly

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