On Wednesday 5th August 2015 we had the pleasure of working alongside 12 employees from the Crown Plaza who had volunteered to undertake some tasks at our GC L&D Centre, Nr Terminal 5, Heathrow.

The weather was a bit murky and humid but not enough to deter this group of intrepid volunteers who listened with great amusement to “my vision for the boat and surrounding area”! Their response was “anything is possible”! We were greatly helped by the fact there was an engineer and landscape gardener amongst them so they were immediately delegated to be the two group leaders!

Back in 2014 this boat had been found hidden away in a whole load of undergrowth. We were lucky that a group of volunteers from the Halifax worked very hard on their volunteer day restoring it and planting it up with an assortment of flowers. Unfortunately, the lavender that had been planted in front of the boat has not survived the jaws of our resident rabbits and it was now felt that this area would benefit from some redesigning.

With amazing speed and enthusiasm the groups set to work initially clearing the site around the boat before designing a retainer wall around the back of the boat, black lining was then cut and placed in position along with pots of compost which were planted up with grass. The whole area was then covered in sand to give the impression that the boat had been abandoned on a sand dune. The final touch was to source a post, which was cut in half before tying the boat up to it.

I was in awe at hard these volunteers worked and their team spirit was truly commendable. They even had time to clear the drive and level out two huge bags of pea shingle, collect two huge puffballs and have “fun” with the hose when watering in the plants!!!

A huge “Thank You” to you all.

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