Although 2016 has brought along some very unsettled weather our Learners and staff have made a great start to the field kitchen at our site Manor Way, Southall.

We are very fortunate in that The People’s Health Trust is funding this project.

The Peoples Health Trust invests in people with great ideas to create fairer places to grow, live, work and age. They believe in funding ideas, which are small and local and are genuinely designed and led by local people.

Manor Way is a very under rated one-hectare site. Our young people are working alongside the local community to restore the green space whilst developing a stronger understanding about who they are and what they do.

Using the winter fallow period to good effect, we have dug out an area for the base of the field kitchen and this week we have spent our time lining the space, adding the sand base and then laying bricks to form a paved area ideal for setting out our new eating area.

Photos attached show the paved area and learners using kiln-dried sand to infill the spaces between the bricks.

Local residents and our young people will be encouraged, through the support of the community worker, to use the space together, on a daily basis and participate in growing vegetables/plants that they can use, cook, learning new skills, gain training or eat together.

The task has also been a great learning experience for our Level 2 learners in particular who are undertaking units in land clearance and transporting supplies on site as part of their qualification.

Our young people (aged 14 – 25) want the local Southall community to better understand what they do and why, attempting to dispel the belief, held by our young people, that the local community think they are young offenders.

The local Southall community has told us they would like to have the opportunity to engage with a local growing space, learning how to plant, grow and cook their own food.

Through the use of Manor Way growing space Green Corridor aims to support both these groups developing stronger understanding and achieving something tangible together.

Latest Update

Work began last week on the next phase of our field kitchen at Manor Way.  On Tuesday (29 March 2016) we dug out the trench and laid our foundations for the field oven.  The pictures show Jamie and Sean laying the first course of brickwork on Thursday for the oven (based on WW! British Army Designs) which is the next stage of the permanent kitchen and eating area we are constructing at our Manor Way gardens. 

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