Green Corridor was delighted to host a volunteering day from the Heathrow Airport Retail and Commercial Operations Team at our Learning & Development centre across the road from Heathrow T5 on the 8th November.  The team led by Rachel Martin worked incredibly hard in very cold conditions all afternoon in two groups.  Each group took part in two activities the first of which involved the creation of unique handcrafted bee hotels in our covered barn.

A bee hotel provides space for solitary bees to nest in, allowing them to thrive in urban environments and helping to boost food production in the UK as they are great pollinators. There are around 220 species of wild bees in the UK, called ‘solitary’ because they make individual nest cells for their larvae. It is these solitary rather than bumble or honey bees that will be attracted to the bee hotels we created. Supported by some of our young people the bee hotels took shape quickly and we hope to sell these unique items at the upcoming Christmas Fayre.  

The second volunteering activity involved the team hoeing over a growing plot in preparation for planting out ‘green manure’.  Green manures will be sown in late autumn and they mop up any nutrients, preventing them being washed away by winter rain. When dug in the following Spring, they release these nutrients back into the soil. Winter tares (vetch) are hardy green manures that will carry on growing all winter before being incorporated back into the soil in spring. The team also planted out rows of onions that should be ready for harvest next Summer and a small polytunnel was also covered in bubble wrap to aid seed growing over the coming winter months.

Hot tea and cakes kept everyones spirits up and a great time was had by all.  A big thank you once again from all the staff and young people at Green Corridor for the on-going support from our partners at Heathrow and we very much look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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