Jamie came to Green Corridor over 2 years ago to start a qualification in Practical Horticulture Skills. When he first started he was very shy, polite but rarely spoke. While in education he had struggled academically and although with the Job Centre, he was not in work.

After 2 years with Green Corridor he has successfully completed a Level 2 Award in Horticulture and is thriving with the support of the team.

During this time Jamie has come out of his shell and is now always a person who can be relied upon. Although he is still happier sitting in the background, Jamie gets much more involved in the group work and completes any task he sets his hands to with confidence and maturity.

Jamie has a great sense of humor and he has begun to believe in himself and his abilities.

He has recently completed 3 weeks work experience with Holiday Inn, with a new appreciation for maintenance work.

He is now off to complete a week’s trial, which will hopefully lead to a full time post, all with continuing support from Green Corridor.

We are extremely proud of everything that you have achieved.

Well done Jamie!

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