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(18th November 2017)

Green Corridor are proud to be working with the Ealing Specialist Careers Cluster, Preparing for Adulthood, up until July 2018 and hopefully beyond.

As part of a work experience week each school will come to Green Corridor to complete the Green Corridor “Introduction to Horticulture” programme. With the support of our qualified tutors, each group will be immersed into the horticultural world, learning about health & safety, the life cycle of plants and horticulture in the working world.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be hosting 5 different specialist SEND schools, including Belvue High School, St. Ann’s School and Springhallow School. The aim of the Careers Cluster is to help London’s young people make successful transitions from school to work or Higher Education. Alongside the fun activities, this is to help give them an insight into the world of work so that each young person is better prepared in the future.

This is what Belvue School said:

“Last week we had an opportunity to take part in work experience at the Green corridor. All of the students and staff who went enjoyed it deeply. Our mentor Mark Cox was well prepared for the Workshops. All of the topics that he proposed were delivered in a professional and friendly way. Not only Everything was alliterated to student’s level of understanding but if needed they were challenged to do more advanced work. It kept them engaged and focused. Students had an Opportunity to work outside in the garden and in the kitchen when they were making delicious food for everyone. All staff at the site were extremely helpful and caring. Days were planed carefully and split into blocks of activities with brakes for refreshments. All of the students are very happy and would like to do it again. Their favourite activity-was planting flowers into the pots that there designed the day before and mini vegetables sport championships. I will definitely recommend the courses for other schools”

“Friendly staff kept the students occupied, the students talked to the staff at ease.
Friendly and relaxing atmosphere for learning. Good hands on experience for students.
The food was lovely and healthy.”

The groups that we’ve had had been fantastic and keen learners, ready to listen and quiz Mark on his horticulture knowledge. We’re looking forward to seeing some budding horticulturalists in the future.

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