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What They Say

See what our parents say about us an our charity


"Shefali’s had tremendous support from all her teachers and mentors and I’ve been especially pleased that her challenges got harder to allow her to be more independent."

- Shams, parent of a catering learner

"Green Corridor staff have enhanced Cameron in terms of maturity, confidence, flexibility and social interaction as well as learning new and very important life skills. This has been done by your understanding and ability to adapt to his needs as well as guiding him to achieve in so many areas."

-Nikki, parent of Catering learner


"Rory has made huge improvements in reading and writing and we have been amazed at the things he attempts to read and the books we have at home that had largely been untouched by him are now being looked at which has given him something else to be interested in instead of just TV and has been very helpful during the long days at home during Lockdown.

Rory still prefers routine but is more accepting of change and will listen more to explanations of the changes rather than immediate meltdowns. Rory has loved taking part in the boxing sessions and had never before wanted to be part of a group doing fitness activities which is a huge new experience for him and had never before played things like pool with others so again a great step forward.

Throughout Rory's time at school and college Rory has only eaten food from home so to have a cooked meal with huge variety every day has enabled him to try different foods which he never would have attempted at home. He also enjoys telling us what he has had every day without prompting which is rare for him to make conversation. The growing of vegetables and fruit (especially at home during lockdown) not only gave him an understanding of the process but again encouraged him to try to eat different things - this has always been a big issue and a huge impact on family life but now means we can all eat the same meal together and to go out to eat which again improving his social skills."

- Parent of Catering Learner

"Green Corridor has been a resounding success. He has matured in terms of ability, leadership, undertaking responsibility, working with and interacting with others and making choices and selections we could never have imagined. 

This has been been achieved through the ability of your staff being able to get the balance between nurturing and nudging boundaries at the same time as teaching and tutoring. Within all of that they have flourished and for that we thank you"

- Parent of learner at Green Corridor

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