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Our catering learners receive hands-on training in a professional kitchen classroom, led by experienced tutors who also have industry expertise. We maintain small class sizes to ensure that each learner can reach their full potential. At Green Corridor, learners work on personalised skills development while striving to earn a qualification that includes both job-related and culinary skills, alongside addressing their individual goals.


Our courses within the catering department range from Entry 2 to Level 2 and include a wide range of skills, including cooking, nutrition, budgeting, food safety, and practical job experience. Learners gain practical experience by preparing everyday meals, exploring international cuisines, and serving lunches for the Green Corridor community. 


They learn to safely use a range of cooking equipment, producing high-quality dishes. In addition to technical skills, we focus on essential life skills such as time management, problem-solving, and effective communication. We support Learners to grasp the significance of teamwork and are given the skills and opportunities to work independently where possible. We also offer work experience opportunities both on and off-site within the catering industry, enabling students to develop the skills and confidence they need for their futures. Our courses equip learners for success in the catering and hospitality industry and in their personal lives.

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 Learner Stories

 Cameron's Journey

Cameron attended Green Corridor for two years, where he studied level one Award in Home cooking skills in his first year. Cameron went on to study and complete his Level 2 award in Home Cooking skills.

Cameron moved in Suffolk at the end of last year and his parents set up a small company called 'Cam's Kitchen' which is a Dog Biscuit Production Project where Cameron is working.

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