Enrichment Modules

Enrichment Programme

Our Enrichment Module is part of an individual study programme and has been created to work around the learners individual timetables and is designed to improve self-confidence, independence and life skills. The sessions are run by passionate and qualified internal and external professionals and include activities such as; Boxing, Cooking, Relationships & Sex Education, Safeguarding, Zumba and more.

Support into Employment

All our learners have access to a wealth of support into employment with our on site Careers Advisor. 

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Personal, Social & Health Education

Alongside the creative activities, all learners will be given the opportunity to be included in sessions and seminars that discuss current affairs and topics, how to safeguard themselves and a safe space to have open conversations and learn new skills such as Makaton and First Aid.


Creative Activities

Each learners timetables carve out time for learners to do arts and crafts sessions where the they are given the opportunity to express themselves in creative ways. This includes dance, Zumba, arts & crafts, acting and cooking. We also keep the activities relevant to current topics such as Anti-Bullying and Youth Work Week.