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We take our responsibility seriously to safeguard young people and adults at risk. We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead, four Safeguarding Officers, and robust practices in place to ensure learner safety. We also have a designated Positive Behaviour Lead to support the implementation of behaviour management strategies and identify the needs for further individual learner support. Our Safeguarding and Prevent policies can be found on our website. 


The whole team at Green Corridor are always encouraging positive behaviours. We are consistently monitoring low or concerning behaviour, have good communication with parents/carers at home, and create individualised behaviour plans for learners who require it. We also discuss anything that creates anxiety or distress to any of our learners that are resulting in outbreaks of behaviours in their regular one-to-ones with our EHCP Support Team. 


To support the safeguarding and security of our learners, all of our frontline staff are Team Teach qualified and trained to positively handle young people if they are ever in any immediate danger. 


“We are grateful to the GC team. The situation has been extremely difficult for us. We were, and remain, free to share our pain and concerns with the staff. We never feel judged."  – GC Parent

Our Safeguarding Team

Lily McCurdy


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James Lovelock

DSO and Prevent Officer

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Dawn Mowbray


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Tim Whitelaw


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Emma Peel


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