About Us

Here at The Green Corridor, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change and create opportunities for those who have Special Educational Needs (SEN).

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What We Offer

Bringing Change

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We believe that being outside, doing some gardening and Horticulture work is good for your mental wellbeing. Even something as simple as having a plant on your shelf can reduce stress and make you feel more energised and able to think more clearly, and many that suffer from anxiety have found gardening and caring for plants to be incredibly beneficial.


Cooking at home, or other places are good for your mental health because it is an act of patience, mindfulness, an outlet for creative expression, a means of communication, and helps to raise one's self esteem as the cook can feel good about doing something positive for their family, themselves or loved ones.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills helps our young people relate their work to real world problems, giving them the skills to use when they move on into employment. 
Our dedicated on site Functional Skills tutors work with the learners in small groups to ensure we are providing as much support as we can.


Enrichment Programme

Our Enrichment Programme is designed to help our learners improve in their confidence, creativity and welfare. It's curriculum ranges from Relationships & Sex Education to Boxing and all sessions are built into the learners timetables.

Support into Employment

All our learners will have access to resources that will support them in their journey to employment. They will have regular sessions with our Careers, Advice and Guidance Officer as well as workshops and work experience.

Personal and Social Development

Working alongside our EHCP and Transitions Manager, our learners will be able to discuss their targets and their wellbeing as well as any concerns or issues they would like to rase or get advice on.

We can also provide Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy and counselling if required. 


A message from our CEO

"On behalf of staff, trustees and learners, I would like to welcome you all to Green Corridor.  We are a well-established charity that delivers post-16 specialist education to help address the social injustice of the learning disability employment gap for young people living in the West London area and surrounding counties. 


Based at our unique Learning and Development Centre adjacent to Terminal 5 at Heathrow we offer horticulture and catering facilities that help young people with special educational needs and learning disabilities achieve qualifications, independence and confidence.  This prospectus will give you an insight into the life of our learning centre based on kinaesthetic learning and bespoke learner journeys including hands-on work experience and clear transition pathways into local employment in and around the Airport.


We fully understand just how daunting it can be for parents and carers to help young to make the best choices to meet their individual needs. Here at Green Corridor we are proud of all our young people and the expertise of our amazing staff who use their unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience to provide tailored learning pathways for each young person.  This enables our learners to gain qualifications, confidence, life skills and independence to help them secure sustainable job outcomes.  Last academic year, 80% of our young people completing their courses with us progressed directly into employment with the remaining 20% moving into further education and volunteering."