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Functional Skills

Each Green Corridor learner is placed into a Functional Skills group with their peers working at a similar level, helping them to learn and progress together. Learners can progress through qualifications, from Entry 1 to Level 2.


Our Functional Skills courses are nationally recognised and accredited by Pearson. We currently offer English and maths from Entry 1 to Level 2 in both subjects. 


All learners will have an initial assessment prior to starting their course and this will determine what group they will be in. Each session is no longer than 45 minutes and is four sessions a week. Some learners may benefit from extra support and this will be offered within independent working sessions twice per week. 


We also offer extra support with their reading. We try and link areas of functional skills to their main course, and we work with their tutors to provide a holistic teaching approach.


Functional Skills: About Us

Learner Stories

Didan's Journey

Didan is now in in his third year with us. In that time, he has worked so hard on both his Maths and English. He has progressed in both areas, being able to add up, take away, and use money in his Maths. In English he is trying to write his own sentences and improve his reading. 


Last Summer he achieved his Entry 1 Maths, and we are working on his English this summer. 

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