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Horticulture Courses: Welcome

Our Horticulture sessions are delivered in a practical and hands-on environment by our passionate and experienced tutors, who use the outside world as their classroom. To allow our learners to thrive, we have small class numbers.


All learners are placed in a class where they will be working at a similar level to their peers, allowing them to learn and progress together.


Our learners are actively involved in the development of our grounds with new vegetable beds, fruit plots and ornamental areas contributing to genuinely useful skill building and team-working. We have covered areas for practical work as well as classrooms for when the weather stops us from enjoying the great outdoors. Our study programmes are individualised to learners ranging from E3 through to Level 2, delivered by our expert tutors with support from experienced teaching assistants. This is preparing our learners for education at the next level and pathways into employment. All learners also benefit from functional skills, enrichment programs and careers support. 

Horticulture Courses: About Us

 Learner Stories

Saad's Journey

This is now Saad's second academic year at Green Corridor, successfully completing his entry level qualification in Practical Horticulture Skills last year. This year, Saad has worked very hard and has been a great asset to the Horticulture work experience team, helping to renovate some of the patient gardens at St. Peter’s hospital. He has made great progress with his functional skills in maths and English and is very keen to keep learning.

Saad will be continuing his Employability Skills qualification next year, moving from a Horticulture focus this year, to a Catering focus as he looks to increase and diversify his skills towards his chosen pathway.

Horticulture Courses: News
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